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The joy of jargon
« on: October 29, 2010, 01:55:51 PM »
Came across this earlier. Bear in mind that a) someone got paid to write it and that b) it is meant to clarify matters  noooo:

In the reformed system, SSCs develop Sector Qualifications Strategies (SQSs) and action plans for creating VQs based on these SQSs. Under this system, all VQs will be based on NOS (National Occupation Standards), making the distinction in content between NVQs and other VQs less apparent. The QCF has been developed with sufficient flexibility to contain a wide range of qualifications without the limitation of categorising them into 'types'.

It is becoming clear that the majority of SSC/Bs wish to retain NVQ within the title of QCF qualifications that attest to occupational competence. For the purposes of Edexcel Online and for the Edexcel Handbooks relating to the quality assurance of QCF and in the interests of clarity, NQF NVQs, QCF NVQs and QCF Competence-based Qualifications will be referred to collectively as NVQs. NQF NVQs, QCF NVQs and QCF Competence-based Qualifications will be visible and accessible to centres for administration purposes via the NVQ tab on Edexcel Online.
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Re: The joy of jargon
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