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New Labour Newspeak: A guide
« on: December 30, 2007, 01:40:07 PM »

Check out the 2008 Lexicon. Excellent stuff. e.g.

Celebrate (as in to celebrate achievements): to
use taxpayers’ money to promote the
Government. “There is much to celebrate about
our schools – improving results, good teaching
and committed staff… It is right to reward the staff
whose work helps pupils to learn and these
awards celebrate their achievements." David
Miliband, on announcement of awards of between
£5,700 and £25,700 to 7,000 primary and
secondary schools, 7 May 2003.

Conservatism (forces of): anyone the speaker
disagrees with.
Consultant: private sector worker paid large fees
to disguise government failure.
Context (taken out of): inconvenient.
Controlled drinking: NHS treatment programmes
for chronic and acute alcoholics.
Conversation (call for a public): a suggestion
used to conceal the fact that a politician has no
policy (qv debate).
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