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Personally I'd say Lammy is full of shite

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Heard about this in the news earlier and it set me off for a number of reasons, for starters the amount of calls made over 2 days, the pathetic fine which I'm half expecting to be quietly slipped into an expense claim at some point (if a regular call centre had been collared for the same reason would have been made to pay at least ten times as much) but mainly the mealy mouthed bullshit excuse Lammy gave at the end.

So you are saying that you had no idea that you needed specific permission in order to contact the thousands of people you sent nuisance calls to in a 2 day period? Well lets look at this shall we? In order to make that many calls in a 2 day period you would have had to use a predictive dialler, something that would cost a bleedin fortune, especially if you are looking at the call capacity required and that's even before you start looking into the wages of the required staff. So obviously you would have outsourced to a call centre who, as standard practice, would have made sure that the data you provided was up to date, accurate and most importantly valid - by which I mean that permission to contact the people on the call list had already been obtained.

Now I know that at this point someone is going to tell me that they are contacted by call centres who have incorrect and out of date information about them but the fact is that until you have told them that the call centre only has the information available from their source and data supply/cleansing companies to verify what they have is up to date.
In Lammy's case things are a little different as he obtained contact details of Labour party members and happily gave that information on to whoever he outsourced his operation to. My problem here is that the application form for the Labour party will have the option to OPT OUT of marketing calls as this is a standard on and any DBA worth their salt would have made sure they understood what the membership data was to be used for and at that point would have informed Lammy that they had opted out of calls (in order to have covered their own arse if for no other reason). Which makes at least 2 points in the process where Lammy would have been made specifically aware that permission was needed before a single call could be made.

I may have left the call centre industry a couple of years ago but shite like this still sets me off. I worked damn hard in my time to make sure that customers were treated fairly and not harassed by clueless arrogant fuckwits who are only focussed on the end result. cussing:


The Moan Ranger (Orderer of the Youngs):
It should be borne in mind, though, that Lammy is a thick cunt.

Agree entirely with both.... and it was a pathetically small fine....  cussing:


--- Quote from: Barman on March 11, 2016, 08:26:39 AM ---Agree entirely with both.... and it was a pathetically small fine....  cussing:

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--- Quote from: Steve on March 11, 2016, 09:59:03 AM ---
--- Quote from: Barman on March 11, 2016, 08:26:39 AM ---Agree entirely with both.... and it was a pathetically small fine....  cussing:

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I was wrong about the level of fines that an organisation can receive for such a breach. It can actually be up to 5000 per unsolicited call.

--- Quote ---It's not good enough to assume the people you're contacting probably won't mind.

The law requires you to have permission before making calls with recorded messages.

And if the law isn't followed, the regulator will act.

--- End quote ---

Yes you acted, but did so in such a bleedin' pathetic way that there will be less scrupulous organisations considering the potential benefits of doing something similar against the chances of getting a similarly ridiculous fine.

When I was running diallers, OFCOM and the ICO were the equivalent of the boogyman, figures that could shut you down in seconds if it was felt that you were in breach of their rules. Not to mention the chances of massive fines and prison sentences. In one fell swoop Christopher, you have just managed to almost completely bugger the fear that call center operations had of falling foul of you.


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