Author Topic: A glass of wine with your picnic? It's against the law  (Read 398 times)

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A glass of wine with your picnic? It's against the law
« on: June 26, 2009, 07:57:20 AM »
Quote from: The Times
More than 700 ?controlled drinking zones? have been set up across England, giving police sweeping powers to confiscate beer and wine from anyone enjoying a quiet outdoor tipple.

Local authorities are introducing the zones at a rate of 100 a year, The Times has learnt. Some cover whole cities, a radical departure from what the law intended.

Once a control zone is in place, police can seize alcohol from anyone who is not on licensed premises, even if the bottles or cans are unopened. Although drinking is not banned in the zones, police can ask anyone to stop drinking and it is an offence to refuse, punishable by a maximum ?500 fine. No explanation or suspicion that the person could be a public nuisance is required. The highest fine will soon rise to ?2,500.

Campaigners say that if the rapid spread of the zones is not halted it will soon be impossible to find anywhere to have a picnic or outdoor drink on a summer?s evening.

What the fuck???  eeek:

Quote from: The Times
Research on the zones has been conducted by The Manifesto Club, a campaign group that challenges what it sees as excessive regulation.

It found that police are routinely ignoring Home Office guidelines and confiscating bottles of wine and beer from peaceful picnickers and other adults having a quiet drink outdoors. In some cases, drinks have allegedly been seized by police from adults who have just bought them from an off licence and are on their way home.

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