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Re: Windows 10 free upgrade offer
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Well Windows 10 and indeed Windows days for me are numbered.  Wasn't so much the software but the paucity of decent small PCs to support windows

One iPad Pro being set up as I type.  It will of course not go as well as I hope but then Win 10 didn't either

I'm loving my Asus laptop with Win 10 now... Can't imagine ever going back to a desktop or buying another tablet...

My new phone (phablet really) gives a pretty good mobile experience to complement it...
Twas a bit of an impulse but they just don't make notebooks like this one anymore but it's struggling with bust USB ports etc however in a way buying the iPad is all down to the late Dan Gurney

[digression mode on]

My brother tells me his obit in Autosport is excellent (it is) but I don't buy Autosport but I remembers I did sign up to the every magazine you've ever thought Readly service for my hols and never used it as it's crap on the phone and notebook.  So thinks I read it on Mrs K's vintage iPad and bloody hell it's very good.  Read loads of stuff - Autosport of course but also What Car and Spectator.

So [digression mode off] just had to have one

And the Readly service I was going to kill off will be around a fair bit longer.  Suggest give it the free month trial. 
Well, whatever nevermind