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Favourite sandwich fillings

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Miss Demeanour:
I often go to a little deli down the road from me at lunchtime to buy a sarnie .

However I am becoming a little bored with eating the same thing.

I may start making my own to bring in which got me to thinking what my favourite sandwich contents would be  rubschin:

If you had to make your perfect sandwich what would be in it ????

Corned beef and tomato... no, cheese and onion... no, turkey and stuffing...  Drool:

Oh, I dunno...

Bacon and egg...

Avacado, brie and bacon with mayo on granary bread since you ask.

If you can't manage that I'll settle for Hot Salt Beef on Rye and don't hold back on the Horseradish.

See I haven't always lived in the back of beyond.

Just One More:
I could go for any of those BM suggested, but my top three would probably be:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese with black pepper
Crispy bacon and avocado

The filling all depends on the mood really, but it's always on granary bread


--- Quote from: Miss Demeanor on October 07, 2009, 01:36:55 PM ---If you had to make your perfect sandwich what would be in it ????
--- End quote ---

You wouldn't like half of mine coz they contain the "F" word  ;)


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