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The all new winding up my entitled bitch of a niece thread

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This is the niece who terrified her mum and is a toxic bitch and designed a famous tea towel

Using a fake e mail address, I have sent her this:


A friend pointed me towards your wonderful I love Twatt tea towels

I am a tran with many lesbian friends and we would like to place a large order running up to Christmas, as we think they are hilarious. Can you give me a discounted price for a large order? We are looking at 10000. Are they for a good LBGTQ+ cause?



Hi there!
They are being sold for two local (impoverished)charities. I could get you a quote and would require money in advance. I have to be honest and say they cost me alot to make as they are linen union. I could make them cheaper by making them in cotton if thatís of interest? I have an Instagram site Twatt_Orkney.

Can I ask where you got my email from?

 Thanks for your enthusiasm.

I currently only have about 100 in stock but could get more made with a definite order.

Kind regards & look forward to hearing from you,

My reply

We are only prepared to pay £5 per towel for this order, but for 10000 towels that is a good profit for whatever charities they are. What are these charities? We cannot pay in advance, but we can discuss terms. We think we could shift them easily in the run up to Xmas, and maybe more.

How much of a pre payment? My budget may need enhancing, but my boss is amenable. If I order 10000 at a reduced rate what sort of up front are you looking for and how can I trust you? What is your company/charity called? Is it legit?  Can you give me a company or charity number?

I am not enjoying our email exchange. Iíve told you to look on Instagram regarding the charities.
Iíve asked who gave you my personal email & you havenít replied.

Miss Demeanour:
Oh dear ....i don't think us poor VP'ers will be getting a twat cloth for Christmas  lol:


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