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Overhwelmed by pop up ads

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Every time I look at the VP today I am assaulted by pop up ads and redirects. Doesn't happen with any other site. Is there a problem??

Don't know about redirects but I installed Adblock Plus to stop them on Youtube and it blocks them on all sites.

Sounds like you may have some malware on your system though. Run a virus scan and then install and run Malwarebytes. Between the 2 of them you should be sorted.

AD Block works fine but even my avatart appears as an advatart on the site at present  Banghead

Not aware of an issue.... all working fine here....

I've just pressed all the buttons randomly and pulled a lever or two....

...everything seems fine - the only blocking I can see on my system is the Amazon ad....  redface:

I've been to the SMF support portal and there aren't any reports of anything unusual..... they have billions of installed sites and generally, if I find anything wrong here there are allready dozens of reports over there when I log-in....

Let me know if I can do anything else....


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