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--- Quote from: Anna ---The last time I worked out the value of One Drone - the amount the government can expect to rake in from one minimum wage worker in one year – it was £1,816.19.

That was at 2009 values. Let us roughly adjust for 2013 to £2,000 to make the calculation easy.

Which means that 10 drones have worked full time for a year to pay for – what exactly?

Erm, the storage charges on 40,000 mobile phones.

Why is the government storing 40,000 mobile phones?

Because they can’t sell them.

Why can’t they sell them?

Because they have all been retrieved from ‘orifice searches’.

Yes, 40,000 Dwayne’s and Mohammed’s and Kieran’s currently in prison have had their backsides x-rayed and been found to contain a mobile phone…(is this lowering the ring tone?)

And ten of you have had to work for an entire year to pay for the safe custody of a shed full of shitty Vodophones.

--- Quote ---Ministers are supporting a Bill which would allow the destruction of the phones, with Jeremy Wright, the Prisons Minister, saying it was “totally unacceptable that prisons have had to pay for storing these items”.

--- End quote ---
Not half as unacceptable as taxpayers having to stump up the money to allow them to do so.
--- End quote ---


I assume they are not smartphones....  noooo:

"is this lowering the ring tone?"


As for the main point of the article it will probably cost more to get the law changed.  Hmmmmm

Uncle Mort:
I assume this is a fairly recent phenomenon:



--- Quote from: Uncle Mort on August 25, 2013, 09:11:11 AM ---I assume this is a fairly recent phenomenon:


--- End quote ---

It is not just the size of the phone Uncle....


Uncle Mort:
Seriously ('tis the Commons) surely prisons already store inmates personal belonging which they get back at the end of their sentence. Just put the phone in the rest of the stuff. If they're "shitty" which I doubt, then tough.


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