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What's the weather doing where you are?

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It is just coming up to 7pm in this top left hand corner of Wales .... they forecast rain and by gum they were right. It has rained on and off all day and has been coming down like stair rods for the past three hours. The street outside is like a river. Fortunately we live half way up (or down) the mountain but word filters through that the residents at bottom of the village are starting to put sandbags round their front doors.
Glastonbury starts tomorrow so I suppose it was predictable. ::)

A quick edit: The web cams show that it is dry at Glastonbury at the moment but the forecast on the same page looks bad.
Check it out:

Chucking it down here now.

Send some over... please?

Send bottle for sample by return  lol:

Just One More:
We've had a bright sunny day here today, but quite breezy. 30 minutes ago very light rain started, hardly enough to wet you. This very light rain is forecast to be on/off through the night


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