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20 years of the Darwin Awards

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For going above and beyond in his efforts to cleanse the gene pool Darwin deserves a medal, or at the very least a bottle or Ardberg from BM's stash in the cellar.  :thumbsup:

Stopping idiots like this from being able to reproduce can only be a good thing.  lol:

--- Quote ---A Wisconsin man had a longstanding erotic game with his wife where she would place the barrel of an unloaded shotgun against his scrotum and he would tell her to pull the trigger.
This time, the imminent arrival of one of his wife’s friends seems to have made them rush, because the gun was loaded. The man survived, earning a rare Living Darwin Award for his self-exclusion from the human gene pool.
--- End quote ---

 eeek: eeek:

 noooo:  noooo:

 noooo: noooo: noooo:

 noooo: noooo: noooo: noooo:


--- Quote from: Barman on December 13, 2014, 11:10:02 AM --- noooo: noooo: noooo: noooo:

--- End quote ---

You have a shotgun......... rubschin:


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