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Thanks to BM for sorting it - I'm the new mong sitting in the corner of the bar, like.

I'm not sure what to do and my typing is crap.

I'll stick my nose in when I feel comfortable - I'm Peter, 38 years old, and looking for a companion in Paralimni.  cloud9:

Tipsy Gipsy:
Hello.   That's where Nick sits too so you are in the right place.   :thumbsup:


Nick sits in Paralimni?

It's either a small world or his arse must be huge.  whistle:

Not too sure he made it that far. rubschin:

Welcome. Thumbs:

Welcome Streaky you young whipper snapper.  38 eh! 

Paralimni you say?  I'm just off to consult the Wiki



Ooer that's like a stones throw from the Turkish bit.  Hopefully not too many get thrown, a fight could break out.


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