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I bloody love technology me!

I am a gadget freak, early adopter, techno wizard ? I?ve wasted thousands and thousands of Pounds on new products that I simply had to have!

Early acquisitions included a watch I saw advertised in a Sunday supplement that played ?Oh Susannah? when the alarm went off or at any other time that you wanted to impress/annoy other people. I owned it within days.

I remember the calculator I saw in Dixons [shudder] that was credit card size (thickness too) and solar powered ? I had to own it.

A watch with ?hands? made from a liquid crystal display ? mine.

A ?Hi-Fi? VHS video player (years before NICAM) that could be connected to your stereo and record ?simulcasts? from the wireless ? about the only thing it was good for as there were few ?Hi-Fi? tapes in the rental stores between the racks of normal VHS and Betamax titles.

Not one but two Laserdisc players and a huge collection (70+) of movies instantly made obsolete by the introduction of the DVD (video) system.

The very first MP3 player with 16Mbytes RAM.

I could go on ? am I the only one damned to a life of acquiring soon-to-be-obsolete electronic products?

Bar Wench:


Oh...  redface:

Hate technology with an undying passion. I mean, look how long it took me just to get in this place! WHAT spam folder? whistle:

Had to drive Mrs GROWLERS car tonight. Nearly crashed the bloody thing trying to suss out how to operate the radio and turn the cruise control on, and then more importantly, with a wagon looming up in front and a car overtaking me in the middle lane....OFF! Also, why do I need a computer to switch the bloody lights on for me, and operate the wipers.
I'LL decide when to do those operations thanks. evil:

Bring back the abacus, quill, Quink, and parchment I say, and plugs points twin SU's and condensors on cars. 8)

Bloody modern shite, and it all breaks down eventually and leaves you stranded too. HATE IT, but there's no escape now sadly. sad32:

Sour Puss:

--- Quote from: Barman on May 07, 2007, 07:34:44 PM ---
I could go on ? am I the only one damned to a life of acquiring soon-to-be-obsolete electronic products?

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