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I had some new satellite thingies delivered last week. Against my better judgement I read the instruction manual which tells how to assemble the damn things (rather like a huge Meccano set) and lists in which order to tighten the mate bolts.

As I was going to the DIY shop today, I bought a load of mate spanners as I loose tools faster than brain cells. Got them home, ripped-off all the plastic anti-theft packaging (which was an exercise in itself) only to find that an mate bolt has a 13mm head and needs 13mm spanners.  Banghead

Um, I thought metric was supposed to make things easy? A ?? A/F bolt needs a ?? spanner, not a ?? or some other bizarre, random size.  Angry9:

I have several of these ..... suits all needs.  cloud9:


--- Quote from: Snoopy on April 30, 2007, 02:49:17 PM ---I have several of these ..... suits all needs.  cloud9:

--- End quote ---
Ah, I too have three of those in sizes small, medium and ?King Kong??  thumbsup:

Unfortunately; the satellite thingy requires a little more? finesse. Also, I have noticed that customers are uncomfortable with the use of the monkey wrench.  noooo:


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