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Re: Kia
« Reply #30 on: September 09, 2016, 01:50:06 PM »
A friend of my son works at a local Bentley dealership and popped round last night to see if I was interested in one of these  ::)

230k  Shocked:

Needless to say I declined.

Quite right Mr. Darwin Sir - completely vulgar....

Estate cars are for the likes of Your Man to spend their one day off a month with Mrs. Your Man and the kids at the seaside...

 lol: lol: lol:

dreadful contraptions, evil hybrids born of illicit liaisons between decent cars and white vans

 lol: lol: lol:

Many years ago my boss had a BMW 320i which I coveted at the time - I had a Vauxhall Cavalier as my company car...

Anyhoo, when it came time to change his motor he got a BMW 320i 'Touring'... He used to go completely mental when I referred to it as 'the estate'... happy001


'touring car' happy001   The sort of wally who'd refer to Budweiser as beer

Vauxhall Cavaliers: I had two as company cars (as I refused the standard option of Sierras once the Cortinas  cloud9: became history) They were very good for their day but shite by today's standards.

That depends on which version of Budweiser you are talking about, the American version is just fizzy coloured flavoured water, the proper Czech version however...  cloud9:
Isn't that called Budwar now?    rubschin:  maybe only in French cheapo beer stores
Well, whatever nevermind